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The two oldest training organizations, Executive Security International and Executive Protection Institute are coalescing around the joint hosting of a conference on the critical issues that are confronting security professionals worldwide. The seminal study by David Kilcullen, Out of the Mountains, The Coming Age of The Urban Guerrilla, analyzes a predictable security crisis over the next two decades for both nations and private security. Security divisions of multi-national corporations will need to reassess their preparedness for changes that are unfolding in an urbanized global population.

With a current world population nearing 7 billion inhabitants, and the demographics over the next two decades projecting a world population of 9 or 10 billion, we will confront a new security reality. Most economist's baseline assessment is that 50% of the world’s population will live in poverty. Most of the earth’s inhabitants will live in megacities exceeding 20 million people that lack services such as water, housing, sanitation, electricity or protection. Many areas within these urban megacities will go feral and ungovernable. Indeed, we observe some high crime neighborhoods in the U.S. that are “ungovernable” now. With a greater immediacy in Third World countries, the lack of basic services and personal security will create a social environment for criminal and ideological insurgencies that will compete for control of the population and commerce. The issue for security specialist is how do we operate an enterprise in such an environment?


Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla

by David Kilcullen

When Americans think of modern warfare, what comes to mind is the US army skirmishing with terrorists and insurgents in the mountains of Afghanistan. But the face of global conflict is ever-changing. In Out of the Mountains, David Kilcullen, one of the world's leading experts on current and future conflict, offers a groundbreaking look at what may happen after today's wars end. This is a book about future conflicts and future cities, and about the challenges and opportunities that four powerful megatrends--population, urbanization, coastal settlement, and connectedness--are creating across the planet. And it is about what cities, communities and businesses can do to prepare for a future in which all aspects of human society--including, but not limited to, conflict, crime and violence--are changing at an unprecedented pace.

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