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Joe Autera

President and CEO
Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute

A former Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army, Mr. Autera is widely recognized at Tony Scotti’s protégé. His career in the private sector spans nearly fifteen years, during which time Mr. Autera has had the opportunity to plan, direct and participate in security operations focusing on detecting and interdicting a broad range of threats in moderate and high risk locales to include South and Central America, Europe, and both the Middle and Far East. Prior to founding VDI, he held positions as the Director of Security with a multi-national technology concern and Vice President of Global Security Services for one of the world’s leading providers of crisis management and risk mitigation services to multi-national corporations as well as non-governmental organizations.

Mr. Autera has authored articles on the subjects of driver training, threat recognition and surveillance detection which have been featured in some of the security industry’s most highly regarded publications including Security Management Magazine, the FBI National Academy Associate, Intersect and the Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security.

Additionally, he has been invited to speak on these topics at a number of respected venues, including the 2007 and 2009 Protective Security Conference, the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) 50th Annual Seminar and Exhibition, and the International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP) Terrorism Trends and Forecasts Symposium.

Filippo Marino

Director, Executive Protection & Intelligence McDonald's Corporation

With over 25 years of experience across the public and private sectors, Filippo enjoys exploring the cultural and psychological dimensions impacting the perception and management of risks and resilience, and helping corporate executives, decision-makers, and complex organizations design effective mitigation strategies.

Filippo's career in the Risk Mitigation industry started as an officer of the Italian Army and spanned across almost 20 years, many of which as a successful adviser to Fortune 500 companies and High Net-Worth individuals. During his tenure as founder and CEO of Securitydirector, LLC, Filippo led operations ranging from international Due Diligence Investigations and Operational Risk Assessments, to Crisis Management and Executive Protection across multiple geographical and cultural boundaries, for some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world. As an author, adviser, and entrepreneur, he contributed to several process innovations and best practice models for small and large organizations, and security professionals alike. Filippo holds a Magna Cum Laude B. A. degree in Behavioral Sciences, and has obtained multiple certifications in security and protection services. He is a California certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and an accomplished firearms instructor, scuba diver, skydiver, mountaineer, and survivalist. He speaks fluent English, Italian, German and some Spanish.

Richard Woods

Microsoft Global Security Department

Richard Woods is the Senior Intelligence Operations Manager for Microsoft’s Global Security Department. Having come from an intelligence background with the military, Rich operated as a counter-intelligence agent for the United States Army and led a tactical human intelligence team (HUMINT) in Afghanistan during the first electoral period. At Microsoft, Rich manages the Global Intelligence Team consisting of five regional analysts, a graduate level intern program, as well as the executive TOV and executive mail screening programs

Pete Dordal

Garda World

Pete Dordal began his career with 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving in Beirut, Lebanon with the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion and then at Quantico as a combat skills instructor. He has a degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of over 25 formal military, law enforcement and security training courses. He has a Master's degree in Business Administration from the McColl Graduate School of Business and a degree in security administration. A frequent media commentator on terrorism and security issues, he sits on the Board of Directors of Nevins, Inc. and Executive Security International, Ltd., one of the oldest security training academies in the U.S.

Pete graduated from ESI in 1984 while still in the Force Recon Unit, and Pete is the principal advisor and consultant on ESI's Special Operations training program. Mr. Dordal was elected to the ESI Board of Directors in 2005. Mr. Dordal began his private security career with Vance International, which Garda acquired in 2006, where he served as executive protection team leader for a Middle Eastern ambassador to the U.S. and trained the Saudi Arabian Secret Service in advanced protection techniques. During the first Gulf War he went to Saudi Arabia to train that country's Secret Service in advanced protection techniques.

Garda World, the Consulting and Investigation / Global Risks Group of Garda World Security Corporation, one of the most trusted consulting, investigation and security firms in the world, recently appointed Peter Dordal, an accomplished security expert with 26 years experience, as Managing Director of International Security Operations for Garda World. In his position, he is responsible for the delivery of security services to a variety of government and commercial clients in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Dordal joined Garda World from a private security services firm he founded in 2004, where he provided specialized business and security consulting to corporate clients, the U.S. government and security business owners. Most recently, Mr. Dordal, who holds top secret security clearance, provided security management services to select U.S. government agencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his career, Mr. Dordal served as President of a large security and investigations firm providing investigative, protective and training services to individuals, corporations, the U.S. Government and friendly foreign nations. He conceived, designed and executed the creation of a security & investigations platform with the acquisition and integration of six companies in three years and oversaw the security of 24,000 employees in 23 countries.

Ivor Terret

AS Soultions

Currently based in Israel, where he was a founding member, team leader and instructor of a government Surveillance Detection Unit specializing in all areas of Surveillance Detection and Covert Protection. Mr. Terret took part in and managed high level projects involving Heads of State and Critical Infrastructure. Bringing close to 20 years of international counter terror experience at both the official and private sector levels, he has helped manage and take part in securing Heads of State, HNW Individuals, sensitive facilities and events. He has have instructed hundreds of students including government VIP units, government SD units, specialized law enforcement units as well as corporate EP and SD units. Ivor is an authorized counter terror instructor meeting the standards set forth by the Israeli Police Force.

Marilyn Knight

Incident Management Team

Marilyn Knight, M.S.W. is the President/CEO of the Incident Management Team (IMT), an international Crisis Management, Security and Violence Prevention consulting company.

She has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, Intel, Eaton Corporation, the United States Army and numerous Police and Sheriff's Departments in the areas of Violence Prevention, Threat Assessment, Organizational Change, Active Shooter Response and Crisis Management. She responded to two US Postal Service Shootings, the World Trade Center Terrorist Attack and the Oklahoma City Bombing. She assisted in writing the National Critical Incident Response Programs for UAW-General Motors, UAW-Chrysler, KeyBank, American Natural Resources (ANR) and Pinkerton, and in training their Crisis Response Team members at their North American facilities. She has consulted in Threat Assessment with Ford Motor Corporation, Eaton, NBC, Wendy’s, Siemens Corporation, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lockheed-Martin, Comcast Cable, Delphi, TRW, BASF, Rockwell Automotive, Southern California Edison, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, McDonalds and DTE Energy.

Ms. Knight was invited by the United States Department of Labor, OSHA Division, to represent the United States the first Tri-National (US, Canada and Mexico) Conference on Workplace Violence and its Prevention in Montreal, Canada.

She was a Special Deputy with both the Genesee County and Wayne County Sheriff’s Departments and was a Crisis Management Consultant to the Wayne County Office of Emergency Management. She has been the Director of a MIOSHA CET Grant training numerous Michigan companies how to develop Workplace Violence Prevention, Threat Assessment and Crisis Management programs. While at General Motors, she held senior leadership positions and became one of the first women to become President of a UAW- General Motors Plant Local. She has taught seminars at Michigan State University and Miami Dade Schools of Criminal Justice.

As a lecturer and trainer in the areas of Workplace Violence Prevention and Crisis Response, she has presented at over 500 conferences and seminars in North America, South America, Europe, Hong Kong and Asia. Ms. Knight received her B. A. degree from the University of Michigan and her M.S.W. from Wayne State University.

Dr. Kenneth Wolf

Incident Management Team

Dr. Kenneth L. Wolf consults on Workplace Violence Prevention, Behavioral Threat Management, Crisis Management and Active Shooter Response, is a fully licensed Clinical Psychologist in Michigan and is the Managing Partner of the Incident Management Team.

Dr. Wolf assisted US Army Infantry Units at Ground Zero after the World Trade Center Terrorist attack. He has been a Violence Management Consultant to the United States Postal Service and assisted with crisis management following the mass shootings at the United States Post Office in Royal Oak (1991) and Dearborn, Michigan (1993). He also assisted with Crisis Management after the Northwest place crashes of Flight #255 (1987) and Northwest Flights #299 and #1482 (1990) and after the Oklahoma City Terrorist bombing. Dr. Wolf assisted in writing the National Critical Incident Crisis Programs for UAW-General Motors, UAW-Chrysler and Pinkerton.

Dr. Wolf has been a consultant in Protective Intelligence for Fortune 500 companies including Ford Motor Company, Southern California Edison, General Electric, AT&T, Wendy’s, NBC, Lockheed-Martin and BASF. He has conducting training with U.S. Army, Department of Defense, U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds, for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA- HQC- Fort Belvoir), Redstone Installation/ U.S. Aviation and Missile Command, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Ft. Bragg Special Operations Command (USASOC), STRICOM, Naval Warfare Center; Ft. Lewis, Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) and Fort Meade.

Dr. Wolf was given the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Medallion for Excellence by Lieutenant General Philip Kensinger, Jr., Commander, for his training on Violence Prevention, Threat Assessment and Crisis Recovery After Mass Casualty Events at Military Installations, on May 7, 2003, conducted at the United States Army Training Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

He helped develop global Violence Prevention/Threat Management Programs for Intel and Eaton Corporation and trained threat assessment teams in North America, England, Holland, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and for BASF, Pinkerton, Nortel.

Dr. Wolf has been a Police Psychological Consultant to the Detroit Police and then was a sworn Special Deputy Sheriff with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. Dr. Wolf has taught seminars at the Michigan State University and Miami Dade Schools of Criminal Justice.

He has been a News Analyst for the Detroit affiliates of ABC, NBC and CBS television. Dr. Wolf received his B.A. from Columbia College and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University.

KC Poulin

Managing Partner at The KKP Security Group, President/CEO Critical Intervention Services

K.C. Poulin is President and Chief Executive Officer for Critical Intervention Services (CIS), which specializes in providing protective services for high threat and escalated environments. This includes coordinating risk assessments and anti-terrorism deployments for critical infrastructure and chemical facilities.

Poulin is an ESI graduate and has received extensive training in the areas of emergency management, critical incident management, terrorism, extremism, executive protection, and workplace violence. He has been awarded Level III Homeland Security certification from The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security.

Poulin often testifies as an expert witness and has lectured on a number of occasions to the Florida Chapter of the F.B.I. National Academy Associates.

Poulin and CIS have provided protective services for recognizable figures including Florida Governor candidate Rick Scott, Glenn Beck, Senator Bob Dole, civil rights leader Rosa Parks and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. He has written two books, Private Security and Public Safety: A Community-Based Approach and The Private Prevention Agency: A Public Safety Model for High Crime Communities in the 21st Century. Both books illustrate the concept of Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI) which has garnered worldwide recognition from media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, The O’Reilly Factor, Germany’s Der Spiegel television, and France’s Courier International. CIS has also been recognized in the book To Serve and Protect by Bruce L. Benson and by academic think tanks such as The Independent Institute and The Foundation for Economic Education.

Poulin serves as a frequent consultant for the news media and has appeared as a subject expert in over 300 television, newspaper, magazine and radio news interviews including FOX news, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, ABC World News Tonight, Glenn Beck and many others.

Elijah Shaw

ICON Services

As CEO of Icon Services Corporation a Minnesota based security agency which provides both Executive Protection and Private Investigation services, Elijah Shaw is one of the more recognizable “bodyguard to the stars”. Elijah has coordinated security for multi-platinum recording artist Usher Raymond, Supermodel Naomi Campbell R&B singer Chaka Khan and comedian and actor Chris Rock.

Elijah has often been seen in the company of his long-time client Usher Raymond appearing as himself in the singer’s Confessions music video and being omnipresent in his numerous documentary and public appearances. In 2003 Elijah was contracted to handle the security services of rap star 50 Cent who had recently re-launched his career after being shot 9 times by unknown assailants. Acting as the intermediary between 50’s street ties and the suspicious eye of law enforcement, Icon Services is also believed to have provided the rapper with the bulletproof car he made multiple references to in songs and interviews.

In 2006 Elijah launched a program called the ISC Safety Net described on the company’s website as is an “initiative designed to help victims of domestic violence by providing Pro Bono security services to victims and shelters”. The program was met with praise from the victim advocates and social services community. The following year Elijah became a board member of Women’s Advocates, the oldest domestic violence shelter in the nation.

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